Backhand, Forehand, Hammer. The Big 3 throws of ultimate frisbee. One of the first “non-conventional” throws we encounter as we begin to expand our handling arsenal is the Thumber – which is basically the Hammer’s ugly sister.

In this video I explore a few scenarios when the Thumber can be really handy based on:

  1. The direction the cutter is running.
  2. Wind direction.
  3. When attempting to throw a greatest.

I’m always trying to develop throws that will make it easier for my receivers to catch the disc, and I’ve found that the Thumber can be extremely useful in improving the odds of a competed catch – especially in situations where a Hammer isn’t a good choice.

The Thumber grip can also be lighting-fast to establish if you’ve just caught the disc with fingers on top, making it one of my favourite “quick release” throws in ultimate frisbee. Reducing the time it takes to establish a grip and make a throw is one of those not-so-obvious ways to become much more dangerous as a handler.

As always, leave comments below and I’ll do my best to help you guys and girls refine whatever skill you’re working on.