Small changes to your technique make a big difference in the quality your throws in ultimate frisbee.

Unless you’re already throwing the full length of the field, I can almost guarantee that you have room to improve your throwing technique.

With my help, you will be throwing farther than you thought possible. There’s no risk – either your throw shows measurable improvement or I refund your fee.

Get Virtual Coaching for Ultimate Frisbee

In the first session, you will get a detailed analysis of your throwing technique. I will provide you with customized instructions on how you can improve your throws.

$149 $97

It Works or It’s Free

I’m confident that I can help you add real distance to your throws. If your throw doesn’t show measurable improvement as a result of implementing my coaching, I will refund your payment in full.

How It Works

Once you purchase an online coaching session, I will follow up by email and we can arrange a time to start your coaching. The fee includes one coaching session, technique analysis, and follow up call.

Examples of Online Coaching Sessions

Most of the time, virtual coaching is private. However, some players are happy to share their coaching videos online, so others can benefit from the advice given. Below you will find examples of virtual coaching sessions for ultimate frisbee players. Due to differences in time zones, the videos below were not recorded during live meetings. Instead, players sent me videos for analysis, and I recorded a screencast including instructions for improvement.

In-Person Ultimate Frisbee Coaching

If you live close to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, feel free to reach out to me for in-person coaching rates.

Ready to unlock your full potential?