Listen to your body. It will tell you where you need to focus. The ultimate goal would be for you to learn a number of different warm up movements and then draw from those as needed to get your own body ready before each game.

I change my warm up depending on what my body feels like it needs for that day. It’s usually affected by what workouts I’ve been putting myself through that week, creating soreness in specific areas.

The point here is for you to listen to your own body and give it the warm up it needs to get into a peak performance state. You will see in the video the difference in power output (measured by my vertical jump) before I’ve warmed up versus after. I’m jumping about 4 inches higher once my muscles are warm, which means they’re firing faster and applying more of my potential strength more rapidly.

This is the same for everyone. You will be weaker and slower when your body is cold, and stronger and faster when your muscles have had time to get warmed up. I would encourage you to set up a target so you can measure your before and after vertical jump, just to see how much added performance you get when warm.

You can also measure sprint times if you like, have a friend measure how long it takes you to sprint from one end of the field to the other. But for a quick measurement, I love the vertical jump. Just find something that’s barely out of reach when you haven’t warmed up – then do a good warm up and try again.

It’s spring, time to get into shape for ultimate frisbee! Here are a couple workouts to try:

Check out the Plyometric Workout

Check out the Weight Training Workout

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