Small adjustments in throwing technique make a dramatic difference in the spin, power, and distance players are able to achieve with their long throws. Little mechanical inefficiencies are holding players back from realizing the full potential of their long throws.

I’ve been helping players maximize their throwing distance for over a decade – on the field and over the internet. I love to see players shock themselves at how far they can launch the disc once they’ve implemented solid, fundamental throwing mechanics. 

If you’d like me to analyze your throw, you can purchase a throwing technique video analysis using the Paypal button below (credit cards are also accepted). 

Ultimate Frisbee Huck and Pull Video Analysis: $149 USD

Get a detailed breakdown of your huck and pull technique (forehand, backhand or both). Please allow about 1 week for me to review your footage, record, edit, and send you your video analysis link.

It Works or It’s Free

I’m confident that I can help you add real distance to your throws. If your throw doesn’t show measurable improvement as a result of implementing my advice, I will refund your payment in full.

Steps of the Video Analysis Process

Once you purchase a video review, you will then need to record and send videos of yourself pulling the disc, from multiple angles (straight on, both sides, and from behind so I can see the flight of the disc).

Next, I review your footage, record a video analysis and share it with you. If you would like to have your video featured on my YouTube channel, I can share it with my audience. Otherwise, the video analysis will be for your eyes only.

Your technique review video will include tips for optimizing your unique throwing technique, and highlight specific areas you can work on to get the most out of your throws. Of course, the review video itself won’t improve your throw. YOU must apply the tips I give you through practice if you want to experience maximum distance gains on your hucks and pulls!

Examples of Huck and Pull Technique Analysis Videos