If you missed part 1 of this series, be sure to check out my Ultimate Forehand Training Video first!

If you’ve already tried my forehand training drill, you might be wondering how to progress from the sideways stance to a more realistic “in game” version of the technique.

In this video I demonstrate a progression whereby you gradually open your stance from closed, to 45 degrees, to 90 degrees while maintaining an externally rotated wrist position.

The key to success with this transition from a closed stance to an open “in game” stance is to prioritize disc flight quality. If the disc is flying nicely in an IO or “inside out” flight path (where, for a right-handed forehand throw, the final part of the disc’s flight is from left to right), then you can safely advance from a closed stance to a 45 degree stance. Once you have good IO throws happening at the 45 degree stance, try going to a fully open stance.

However, if at any point you discover that your disc isn’t flying nicely – just go back a step to either the 45 degree stance or the fully closed (sideways) stance. Master throwing at those easier stances first, and then experiment with a more open stance.

Once you get to the fully open stance, it will be easier to release the disc closer to your body. After you have mastered IO forehand throws with a release close to your body, you can start adding more of a lateral step out and around an imaginary defender (or a real defender if you have a friend to practice with… just be sure to ask them not to try too hard to stop your throw).

Here are some additional techniques that can help make the transition to a straight-on stance easier:

  1. Lean back a little
  2. Drop your right shoulder (for right handed throwers)
  3. Make sure the outside edge of the disc is angled toward the ground
  4. Externally rotate your palm (so it’s facing the sky)
  5. Think of your right elbow as pointing forward toward your target (for right handed throwers)

Good luck throwing and please let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help you guys sort out your technique!