Here’s a simple drill you can use to improve your timing when jumping for overhead discs.

At a light jog, pop the disc up and in front of you, then take a couple steps to gather your energy and leap off of one foot while reaching as high as possible to catch the disc one-handed overhead.

This goes a bit against the golden “always catch with 2 hands” principle (which, don’t get me wrong, is solid advice for 95% of catching situations). We want to use every inch of our reach by going up with one hand and shrugging our shoulder for that extra height.

This drill has a number of benefits. You will improve:

  • Your ability to jump off one foot
  • Your timing, so you’re meeting the disc at the peak of your vertical jump more often
  • Your ability to throw a short-range pop pass
  • Your ability to switch grips from a “fingers on top” catch smoothly to a backhand grip while at a jog

Winning discs in the air is one of the most exciting parts of the game, just make sure to go straight up vertically when you’re in a real game so as not to foul anyone. According to the rules, you’re allowed to catch above people as long as you don’t make contact with them or impede them in any way. So get a good plant with your last step and jump straight up, and start skying people!