Does the disc wobble when you throw? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Ultimate frisbee players the world over struggle with the disc wobbling when they throw it.

Fortunately, getting rid of the wobble when you throw the frisbee is simple. But it does take many repetitions, so be prepared to put in the work.

This drill is a simple way to work on perfecting your release, on your own, with no throwing partner, to reduce how much the disc wobbles through sheer repetitive practice.

It’s not sexy to say it takes time to get rid of wobble in your throws – but that’s the truth. It takes time to train your wrist to limit its articulation to stay on a single plane during your forehand and backhand throws.

The best way I can think of to dramatically reduce the wobble when you throw a frisbee is to practice throwing straight up to yourself.

Do this hundreds of times until you learn how to release the disc and have it spin with less wobble. Hundreds of throws might sound like a lot, but if you do this drill daily you’ll get there. It’s about being consistent, and patiently working the wobble out of your throws.

This imitates actual throwing, except it reduces the complexity of the grip because, by having the disc vertical, you’re not having to fight gravity as much (versus holding the disc flat). This makes it a little easier to learn to release the disc with pure spin.

Disc wobble doesn’t go away instantly. But with this drill, you will be able to throw the disc with less wobble far sooner. Otherwise, if your only time to practice throwing is on days you play ultimate frisbee, it could be years before the disc stops wobbling!