The Ultimate Frisbee Forehand Training Video

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The Ultimate Forehand Drill was amazing!! It clicked almost instantly with me. I went from barely being able to throw an accurate forehand about 20 yards to now throwing it nearly the entire length of the field after only a few hours!
I still have some improvements to do, but your drill has helped me more than any other video I’ve watched or drill I’ve tried! I will be sending the rest of my intramural team at UGA to your website, and we will be working on this drill during our practices. 
Thank you so much for helping me and so many others with this throw! Keep up the great work!!
Seth Lashley

Watched and implemented your hucking video, and in first practice with the techniques, certainly gaining major yardage. Need a lot more repetition (and I think I’m not looking at my target) but definitely making a huge difference!

Felicia Lipansky

I love to huck forehands, but I still felt like I wasn’t getting my max distance. I realized when I watched your video that I try to throw outside-in a lot of the time. After an hour and a half of the drill with one of my friends, I’m sure I gained 15-20% on my forehand.

Still lots of work to be done but stoked on the results so far. 
Mike Mosher

Before I watched your video about the 8 tips for throwing further, I had no clue about the technique or the form of throwing. When I tried to throw hucks, the disc would either flop or wobble too much. Now, after trying doing your tips for about 1/2 an hour twice, I managed to throw half field a couple of times.

Youssef Mohamed

My forehand has greatly improved. The IO method helped immensely. It’s starting to become more natural also to the point where I don’t think about it anymore.

Humble Longboards

I’m still working on it but the results have been great so far. It’s amazing to see how much more distance I’m getting with only the wrist.

Edwin Rivas

I can throw my backhand about 50-60 yards consistently . But before I saw the video I couldn’t throw a forehand more than 20 yards and if I did it was complete luck. The past few days we tried to practice our forehand for about and hour a day but we weren’t making any progress. Literally Friday morning I saw this video then after school we went out and did the drill for maximum 10 minutes and now we can consistently throw 40+ yards. And our throws look good too. Before they would always curve but now they are straight and go a long way.


Tried the exercise for the first time today and also some of the techniques you demonstrate for forearms throws on your YouTube channel.
Although I was practicing on my own I could and the wind was up I did manage to improve, distance mainly.
Before today I’ve never thrown forearm but with plenty of perseverance and walking))… I managed to throw a couple of flat ones which felt great. Plenty more practice needed of course.
Phil Thomas

Manchester, UK

Thank you first of all for the quick response! I just got home from the park with my little brother. We did your inside out forehand drill for about half an hour and all I can say is… wow! My forehand, which kept turning over and was extremely inconsistent, has improved immensely even just with that tiny training session. We threw for a little bit after the drill and I was zinging throws 30-40 yards with wrist only. My little brother, who literally just learned how to throw a forehand, was consistently throwing straight, even forehands 20+ yards. Although there is progress to be made on both our parts, such a quick progression is very encouraging.I even experimented with your 3-finger grip and had some success so it’s something I’ll consider moving forward. I can’t say enough how much your free training means to me. Thank you so much! Also, regarding the mindset I appreciate the kind words from you. I tend to struggle with self-confidence but I will definitely shoot for A Team and leave it all on the field. Hopefully next fall I’ll be playing for the Papal Rage and bombing forehands. Thank you Ryan!

Gus Hauge

Notre Dame

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